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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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up. have a great tuesday. making news in america this morning -- dangerous skies. people at a busy airport are forced to take cover from a severe weather threat. while another storm system spawned a damaging tornado. and the rising rivers that nearly an entire state on edge. pressing for peace. john kerry is back in iraq this morning, as militants stormed their way across the country. we're live with details on the secretary's day of high-level talks. plus, foiled. a little girl becomes a real-life crime solver. >> they got it back because of me being a superhero. >> how the 4-year-old helped solve a robbery that police say was committed by her babysitter. and crazy cliff ride. the must-see slip and slide for the brave.
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good tuesday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm matt gutman. we begin with rising waters and severe weather causing problems for parts of the country. scenes like this are playing out along minnesota's largest rivers including mississippi. and it will get worse. >> and a tornado warning forced a major airport to temporarily shut down. at denver's busiest airport overnight, ominous, dark skies overhead. while inside, passengers and workers were whisked to safety. told to seek shelter in stairwells and bathrooms while the risk for a tornado passed. no damage there. but a small ohio town south of cleveland wasn't so lucky. a tornado there tore the roof off one home and damaged several others. heavy rain still falling there. the rain has daunted the upper
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midwest. but raising floodwaters are still the top problem. especially in minnesota. the emergency declarations in 35 counties have been extended an extra 30 days. and as we hear from abc's clayton sandell, many roads are closed. >> 18,000 drivers rely on this bridge every day to cross the st. croix river. but the water is so high, they shut it down. if you want to get from here to wisconsin today, you're going to need a boat. >> reporter: many rivers won't crest for day. and all that water will make for problems further south. and the forecast isn't encouraging. heavy rain to minnesota today and extend all the way east along the canadian border. there will be rain from western new york to texas. thunderstorms are likely in georgia and north florida. severe weather is expected in the plains states. and scattered showers in the northwest. dozens of aftershocks are rattling alaska following a
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major earthquake near the elusion islands. the quake struck keep under the ocean floor yesterday afternoon. but it was so powerful, it shook buildings, cars and residents. >> about 200 villagers were forced to evacuate. and people ran from buildings into the streets. >> felt a very large building moving around. so, considering the length and duration and intensity, we would say we felt that. >> a tsunami warning was issued but lifted hours later. there were no initial reports of injuries or damage. secretary of state kerry is back in iraq this morning, working to convince leaders that sharing political power with other sectarian groups is the only way to stop the raging islamic militants. but kerry says the u.s. will move forward, whether that happens or not. abc's tahman bradley has been watching developments overnight. tahman? >> reporter: matt, good morning. secretary kerry has another round of emergency meetings in iraq, as the obama administration tries to keep that country from unraveling.
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more high-level diplomacy today in iraq. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with kurdish leaders, one day after talks with the shiite-led government. come together or your country will fall apart. >> the very future of iraq depends on choices that will be made in the next days and weeks. and the future of iraq depends primarily on the ability of leaders to come together. >> reporter: leaders are becoming worried of nuri al maliki but have stopped short of asking him to step aside. the parliament has to work by june 30th to enact a new government. secretary kerry says the u.s. stands ready to act militarily. >> the president is prepared to take action, when and if the president decides that is important. >> reporter: sunni militants have the upper hand.
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i.s.i.s. fighters control iraq's entire western frontier. this video captures the intense battle for the country's largest oil refinery. iraqi security forces have run out of key weapon systems. leaving everyone in the region on-edge. jordan has strengthened security. best-case scenario, the u.s. hopes to link military action on guarantees that iraq forms a genuinely inclusive government. matt? >> tahman bradley, live in washington. thank you. we'll learn more today about the cause of that asiana jet crash at san francisco airport last year. more than 180 were injured and 3 teenagers from china were killed. the ntsb report is expected to blame the accident on pilot error. more details later on "good morning america." in the run-up to november's critical midterm elections, the white house is focusing on families. at a day-long summit on working families, the president ordered expanded access to more flexible
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work hours. and said the u.s. should offer paid maternity leave. abc's robin roberts talked to the first lady about the struggles of balancing kids and career. >> who i was at the time was a breast-feeding mother of a 4-month-old. so, and i didn't have a babysitter. so, i took sasha to the interview with me. >> the first lady also talked about her post-white house plans, saying politics are definitely not in her future. we'll have much more from robin's interview coming up on "gma." u.s. national soccer team goalie hope solo is pleading not guilty to domestic violence charges. she was arrested this weekend for allegedly hitting her half-sister and nephew at her home. she was released from jail after the hearing but has been ordered to stay away from both the plaintiffs and from alcohol. now, some craziness in los angeles, following mexico's latest victory at the world cup.
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>> hundreds of fans swarmed into traffic. some facing off with mounted police after mexico beat croatia. others rocked vehicles as they were driving by. several arrests were even made. >> yes. >> peaceful, sunday's usa/portugal match set a ratings record. 24.7 million people tuned in, making it the most-watched soccer game in the u.s. and 500,000 people live streamed it online, watching the u.s. tie portugal. still ahead, is it a new risk to kids? the breakfast food favorite that could be giving them too many vitamins. plus, alone, crying, still strapped in a car seat. the amazing story behind this child found on the side of the road. and caught on camera. a police officer pulls a woman off train tracks, seconds before a train comes barreling through, right there.
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects
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before you even know you're pregnant. with all of the recent problems with air bags, vehicle recalls have already set a knew annual record. an astounding 31.4 million vehicles have been recalled so far this year. that tops the old record, which was set a decade ago. a new report details just how much money airlines are collecting in baggage fees. delta leads all carriers in the first quarter of this year, taking in $191 million in baggage revenue. second is united with $147 million in fees. in total, the top 16 u.s.
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airlines collected $790 million just in the first three months. and new concern this morning that could affect the $10 billion breakfast cereal market. a study out this morning found kids may be overdosing on vitamins, getting far more of it from fortified foods from cereals and snack bars. researchers say excessive vitamin intake can lead to liver damage and other ailments. there's a potential new clue about a new version of the iphone. reports say apple suppliers are going to begin producing larger versions of the device in china next month. the larger screen sizes are believed to be apple's attempt to counter samsung phones. the iphones are expected this fall. are you hungry? how about mashed potatoes on your burger? no? that's what carl's jr. is testing in southern california locations. it comes with gravy. how about the crispy onions,
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matt. the burger is 790 calories. >> diet food. >> and 40 grams of fat. >> in your book. if it's a hit, it could go nationwide. hardy's. i just gained five pounds looking at that thing. >> watching that burger. a slip and slide unlike we've ever seen before. you have to see this video. we work through the night to bake fresh bread from fresh dough in every bakery-cafe. because it tastes better that way. and it makes all of our sandwiches... soups... and everything else it touches taste better too. then, at the end of every day, we donate everything we have left to people in need. so we're out of bread. and we stay up all night... and do it all over again. panera bread.
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why i'm shooting for something better. eliquis. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. to you... they're more than just a pet so protect them, with k9 advantix ll it's broad spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix ll for the love of dog some incredible video taken by a drone, flying over the pacific off manhattan beach, california. a paddleboarder surfer doesn't realize he's about to ride over the top of a great white shark. probably didn't realize he was there. everyone in the water was fine. >> wow. now, for a look, much less exciting look at morning road
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conditions. most will be wet. from the great lakes south to the florida panhandle and south texas. also watch out for flooding as you get into texas. there could be severe storms in kansas and nebraska. and roads will be wet in the northwest today. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in denver and detroit. houston mom and her baby girl are reunited after a harrowing ordeal thanks to a stranger. >> 8-month-old genesis haley was abducted after her mom left the car running while she ran to pay for gas. the thief, leaving the baby all by herself in the middle of the night in an empty field opinion an amber alert was issued. but it wasn't until seven hours later that a woman out jogging for the first time in her life, happened to notice a car seat in the weeds. she called the police. >> i was watching over this child because, even though the witness had found the child said that for some reason she decided to turn left as she was jogging north over here on ella. she just decided to turn this
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way. >> and the police officer who found the child used his uniform shirt to wrap her up since the squad cars don't have blankets. other than a few ant bites, that baby was fine. >> a cute story. a babysitter and her friends are behind bars in washington state, thanks to a smart, little girl who foiled their plans. a 17-year-old girl pretented to be a victim of a home invasion. police handcuffed the neighbor after she told police he looked like one of the robbers. but the little girl spoke up saying the robbers were actually white, not black. >> the bad guys stole my -- and they stole my ipod. they also stole my xbox and my wii. that was her being bad. she's not a good babysitter. >> police say the robbers were actually the babysitter's boyfriend and another teenager. they're facing a string of charges. and the family got their
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belongings back. heart-stopping moments for a rookie police officer near houston. officer ramone morales put his life on the line to save a woman from an oncoming train. the gates had already come down at the railroad crossing when the 27-year-old former marine pulled the sobbing woman off the tracks with moments to spare, as you see. the train whizzed by only seconds later. >> deserves a medal of honor for that one. >> absolutely. shh. restaurants and food companies are quietly cutting salt and fat from their products. mcdonald's french fries, oreo cookies and hamburger helper are some being altered. some are not advertising their changes because they don't want to turn off customers who believe the food won't taste as good. >> those are my favorite breakfast foods. a new hampshire man got quite the wake-up call this week. a bear in his enclosed screen porch. you see the damage done. and the homeowner, bob morgan,
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was able to get this shot of the bear running away. bob said he and the bear stood face-to-face. >> i look up, and there's the bear standing right behind you. looking at me. we stare at each other four seconds. i woke up pretty quickly. >> the bear came back to get his paws on a trash bag, dragging it out to the streets to feast on last night's leftover barbecue. he says lesson learned. he's never leaving trash on his porch again. at the world cup, there are four more games going on today. headlined by italy's showdown with uruguay. >> and we mentioned mexico's victory earlier in the show. the highlights of their win from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. you can't call yourself the worldwide leader without something like this. he's stan, i'm neil. this is "sportscenter," los angeles. >> let's get started with the world cup. mexico struggled to get into the world cup. they had to go to new zealand to get in.
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they're looking dangerous. corner kick for mexico. rafael marquez, the 35-year-old captain. they asked him to come back to lead the team. he scores a goal. three minutes later, mexico on the attack once again. andres gordado. fans are feeling it. another corner kick for mexico. marquez gets his head on it. and mexico gets netherlands next in the round of 16. you get the white sox and orioles in our graphics package. jose abreu, off chen. solo shot. 22nd home run of the season. we're tied at 2-2. let's go bottom nine. orioles down a run. one out, two on, for chris davis. you know what one of my favorite soft drinks was? >> crush. >> orange crush. i didn't like the other flavors like grape. >> grape crush was good. >> orange crush, okay? >> orange crush.
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>> orioles win 6-4. >> not that grape crush was bad. but orange crush was always first. >> that was your signature drink. >> yeah. >> we're obviously out of time. >> thirsty. >> i'm thirsty, too. i never liked crush, though. up next in "the pulse," grabbing a bite, while the picture of a lunch stop by the president have people saying he broke etiquette. and athletes bare it all. a preview of "espn's" body issue. [ brian ] in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's important to know the difference. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. and that i had to take action. so he talked to me about xarelto®. [ male announcer ] xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner
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working families went to chipotle near the white house. but look at what happened at the food counter. he reached over the sneeze guard while ordering his burrito. oh, god. his index finger, pointing within inches of the lunch items. >> mr. president. >> come on. >> chipotle workers let him slide. but people on twitter didn't cut him any slack. calling it grounds for impeachment and government overreach. we think everyone should hash tag -- what do we call it, matt? >> chipotus. he's the leader of the free world. he should be able to double-pick and do whatever he wants. some sage advice from "star trek's" mr. sulu. after george takei tweeted this picture on one of the clothing tags how to take care of your garment. >> it says wash inside-out and remove child before washing. takei's comment was don't throw the baby out with the wash water. we don't know if the photo was
4:24 am
real garment care tag. >> the humor it provides is probably invaluable. yeah. made out of polyester, which is good to know. it's time to see some of the best bodies in sportses. athletes, baring all. this year's body issue of the "espn" magazine. >> tomas berdych. 6'5", even though the tan lines could have been left by a speedo. he is european, after all. and venus williams, looking confident and sexy. she is a little exhibitionist. the body issue hits stands on july 11th. >> impressive stuff. and this is something not for the faint of heart. call this -- look at that. slip and slide. the highest slip and slide created in lake powell, utah. after that, the guy goes in. looks like it's a pretty fun
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, it is tuesday at 4:28. first up, we have a check on the weather forecast. did i hear you say drizzle? >> yes, a couple of days away. but the cold front is possibly going to drop a little drizzle on thursday. this morning we have clear conditions. just haze. that is around half moon bay. five miles visibility you can see from the east bay hills camera it is clear. from emeryville to san francisco on this view. it will be warm to hot inland. 80 in the north bay to 93 in the east bay valley. the coast is 61. downtown san francisco is 68. around the bay, sunshine and breezy from 72 along the east bay shore to 81 in the south bay.
4:29 am
look who is back. >> good morning! >> traffic was light. hope everyone had a great monday and will have a great tuesday. we have construction. this is the project that will block off the interchange between westbound 580 to eastbound 80 until 5:00 this morning. you can get around it, there is a detour in place. if you travel this area each day you know about it. it will get you to the bay bridge toll plaza. first, though, 580, from tracy to dublin is 23 minutes and highway 4 westbound from antioch to concord is 15 minute, 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 19 minutes. from emeryville camera you can see the drive through berkeley, the headl coming toward us will be in the westbound direction. there is university avenue the overpass looks like we have plenty of early risers headed out to work.
4:30 am
>> 4:28. federal accident investigators are meeting today to determine what led to the crash of asiana flight 214 while the plane was landing at san francisco international airport a year ago the ntsb is also likely to make recommendations on how to avoid similar accidents including challenging a captain's actions. other issues including a overreliance on automatic aircraft control and the complexity of automatic systems that confuse pilots. >> walnut creek police say a 51 yield man broke into an apartment and stab add neighbor with a screw driver. he was book into detention facility on charges of purring later and assault with a deadly weapon. he was leaving an apartment complex last night and a neighbor tried to stop it.


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